Sudheer Kiran

Sudheer Kiran

Digital Marketing Consultant

Hi, My Name is Sudheer Kiran. I’m a digital marketing consultant, an online entrepreneur, a musical artist, and the Founder of WeHelpThePoor – a volunteer-driven charity, Praja Media – an online news magazine, and DigitalVow – a digital marketing agency.

With over a decade of experience in digital marketing, I’m inspiring, motivating, and educating businesses on how to break through mental model boundaries and leverage digital transformation to pull customers in.

I’ve been helping companies by:

  • Identifying the unserved and underserved needs and positioning the brand differently from competitors.
  • Finding creative and effective ways of positioning the brand in the market.
  • Identifying new lead generation channels to promote the products and services.
  • Generating inbound leads and sales through digital platforms.
  • Building better brand experiences for customers and improve prospective customer engagement levels.
  • Helping prospective customers become loyal brand followers.
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I recently started a podcast to talk about digital marketing basics, topics, trends, and news. I will also be talking be about Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Technology.

Here are our latest podcasts.

Episode 3: What is the Difference between Creativity and Innovation?

Listen to Episode 3: What is the Difference between Creativity and Innovation?People generally thinks that Creativity and Innovation are the same thing. But, My colleague Mr. Sundar says there is a difference. Let’s listen what he says.

Episode 2: What is Search Engine?

Listen to Episode 2: What is Search Engine?In this episode, I am talking about what is the meaning of Search Engine and how does it work. I took the example of Google and it’s data centers to explain the background process of a search engine.

Episode 1: What is Internet Marketing?

Listen to Episode 1: What is Internet Marketing?In this episode, I am talking about the very basics of internet marketing. I believe everyone should first understand what is internet and how it works if you want to understand what is internet marketing.

For any help on digital marketing, Please shoot me an email at [email protected]

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