Sudheer Kiran

Sudheer Kiran

Digital Marketing Consultant

Bing Listens: Share Your Feature Suggestions with Bing!

There is no question that success awaits the companies that listen to their audience. This is the reason why Bing has decided to create a website that acts like a virtual suggestion box, but it also encourages people to use it by giving rewards. This is basically going to work as a place for people… Continue reading

Google Will Rank Websites based on Facts not Links?

The way that Google ranks websites has been changing for a long time now. We have seen many algorithm updates in the last 20 years or so, but none of them favor pages for the accuracy of their content. It seems like we will start to see a revolution in the way that pages are… Continue reading

16 Google AdWords Ad extensions: What, Why and How?

Google AdWords is one of the most important channel in our digital marketing strategy in 2015 for every business because of it’s control, target, reach and most accurate results over other marketing channels. You’re going to pay to Google only when someone clicked on your Ad, and you can target your customers by location, time… Continue reading

AdWords Ad Customizers: Customize Ads with Real-Time Updates

What is Google AdWords Ad Customizers? Ad customizers are new feature in Google Adwords to run your Ads dynamically without changing your Ad copy text. This will saves your time, and run dynamic ads from your uploaded spreadsheet based on your scripts. Ad customizers are a set of parameters that allow ad copy to be… Continue reading