Sudheer Kiran

Sudheer Kiran

Digital Marketing Consultant

How Stupid is Google Really?

I know people who depend on Google for almost everything, for shopping, for business decisions, for direct answers, etc. I agree that Google is providing more accurate results than any other search engine available today. I am impressed with their growth as a company, as an information provider, building new tools to help the people… Continue reading

Now You Can Install Android Apps Directly From Google Search

Some Android users are reporting that they can install Android apps directly from Google’s search results from their mobile devices. Artem Russakovskii from Android Police shared a screen shot showing the install progress from within the mobile search results interface: A Google spokesperson told Fortune, “Google always experimenting with ways to provide the best search results… Continue reading

Google Added New Image Search Filter Buttons on Mobile

Have you noticed that Google Mobile Image Search showing large filter buttons for your image search requests? Google Image Search has confirmed officially that new image search filter buttons was added earlier this summer on mobile devices. Here are screen shots of how it works: Image credits:

Google Replaced Red-Colored Navigation Links by Blue Links

Google began testing blue-colored navigation links in June, 2015. After more than 2 months of testing, Google officially rolled out new blue-colored navigation links. This new update officially rolled out in all countries. Check out the below image to understand it clearly. Go to and type your query. You could see “Web” in the… Continue reading