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Google AdWords to Delete Unused Entities: Ads, Keywords, Groups, Campaigns

Google AdWords is going to delete all your unused ads, campaigns, keywords and other unused entities.  It is displaying in some Google AdWords accounts as a notification, “We’re deleting your inactive ads and keywords”

Google AdWords to Delete Unused Ads

Below is an official announcement from Google AdWords:
“Starting the week of 23 March 2015, we’ll simplify your account by deleting any of your ads that have never accrued any impressions and have been removed for more than 100 days.”


Google AdWords will only delete entities that have 0 impressions and removed for more than 100 days.


  • Removing these unused ads may speed up your AdWords experience
  • You will be having only accurate information in your AdWords account


  • Once these ads have been deleted, you will no longer be able to see or access them in your account.
  • It will no longer be possible to reactivate campaigns or ad groups that have been removed from your account.
  •  They won’t show up in any historical reporting

Tip: So, make sure you’re not removing any campaigns or ad groups that you may want to reactivate in the future, you can change their status to “Paused” instead.

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