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Lead Generation Best Practices – Learning from the Experience

I keep on learning from the day I was started working on SEO for my blogs. In initial days, I was disappointed by the results which I was getting from my work. I got the confidence from the day I’ve seen the results from my own strategies. I’ve been through all failures and successes with my strategies to improve the keyword positions. I fed up with all the tactics which I used to work for improving keyword positions.

One day I was speaking to one of my client, Though he don’t have much knowledge about SEO. However he asked me to generate leads as much as I can, and he is ready to pay more than I was expecting from him. It seems pretty interesting right? Yes, now I need to make a strategy to generate more leads.

It was really new requirement from my clients at that time. I feel little afraid of working on generating number of leads instead of working on keyword rankings. So many questions running through my mind that how I can generate leads.

After some time, I figured it out that we can generate leads by getting number of targeted customers to our website. I was collected all the list of tactics which we can use for lead generation process and I was prepared a list of lead generation tactics by priority-wise. All the tactics are ready now.

  • Good Website Traffic
  • PPC
  • Display Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Local Business Listings
  • Customer Reviews
  • Writing Reviews on Blogs about Our Products

It’s Time for Strategy:

I was thinking, Is this enough to generate leads for my client by doing all above tactics? Nope, We need a strategy to generate qualified leads. What are the basic things you need to think about while you’re building strategy for lead generation?

Conversion Rate Optimization:

Again I had a doubt, What makes visitors convert into customers? We need to optimize our website to convert our website visitors into customers. You need the Content that leads to Visitor into Customer. You need the best landing page(Colors + Navigation + Call to Action) which can convert your visitors into customers. I was done with Content creation and Landing page Optimization.


I can’t put all my products on First Page of search engines from first day, because I don’t know any magics which can make things happen in overnight. So, I was started with PPC campaigns(Text ads in only search network), because 80% of online customers use search engines to buy any product or service. The results were started coming slowly from PPC campaigns. Now, I want to improve the number of leads. I was decided to go for Display advertising for better CTR (click through rate). My plan was executed successfully by converting 30% of visitors into leads. I got motivated by the results which I was getting through PPC & Display Advertising.

But my target to generate more leads was not ended by that. Again I was started thinking, there are Thousands of Online sales are happening for these products. Then, why I’m getting very small numbers? From where these sales are happening? From Where all these people are going to those websites to buy those products? Yes, Most of the people are spending their time in Social Media, even I’m spending most of the time on Social Media sites. I understand that I can generate few more leads If I go there and advertise my products to the targeted people who are in Social Media sites. Again this was BOOM! Number of leads were increased..!

BIG Complaint..!

Getting good number of leads but not good number of qualified leads 🙁

Disappointed with SEO Results

Disappointed again 🙁  Why this is happening? Because of the only reason is, We don’t have a good reputation for our brand! In this situation I was decided to build good reputation for our brand in Online. How can we build a good reputation for a new brand? Again started from the scratch to build a strategy for building Online reputation.

  • Created Social Media Pages (A Great Cover Photo + Logo as Profile Pic)
  • Done few Local Business Listings and Local Business Directories.
  • Optimized Google Maps, Bing Maps & Yahoo Maps.
  • Requested few Bloggers to write reviews about our Products who are writing in the same niche.
  • Focused on Customer Reviews in all Local Business Listing websites and Communities.
  • Created one customer portal to leave their comments and Reviews about our products and Service.

All these things has been taken few weeks to finishing up and putting all things right. I used to promote each and every activity of our Brand on Social Media. After 2 months we were started getting Premium orders without so many questions from customers about the brand and the quality of those products.

Huh..! Finally, we got into the right track to get the premium orders through our website.

I Got Money….!

I was generated good number of leads to my client. I get paid by my client for my work.

Make Money from SEO Tips

Everything was going good if we’re running the paid campaigns. But we are not getting Good Keyword rankings in Search Engines for our products. There is lot of competition is there from the same field. So we decided for working on Keyword positions for long term goals. We were into second page in Search Engine results because of our Social Media activities and Blogger reviews of Products(We placed Anchor Text with hyperlinks). Now we concentrated on getting referral traffic and Search Engine traffic as well. Without getting good keyword rankings we can’t expect the good search engine traffic.

What I come to know with my personal experience is, Referral traffic will help us to get the keyword rankings. At the same time we need to concentrate on building quality backlinks for our website. Always keep on Mind, Thousands of spammy backlinks will hurt your rankings. Never concentrate on building backlinks on the basis of number, try to get only qualified backlinks for your website which helps you to get good domain authority.

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