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How To Multiply Your Lead Conversion Rate: Strategy or Tactics?

There is a good deal of doubt about the strategies of maximizing website lead conversion rate. In the world of internet marketing the conversion lead is the number of visitors who have transformed into consumers of the website, instead of remaining mere visitors. Though all visitors start initially by clicking randomly, some of them stay with the company in long lasting connection and from the converted leads the owner gets revenue. So, lead conversion is the process of converting leads into contacts or opportunities. Conversion optimization can be done in two ways – by tactics and by strategies.

Multiply Your Conversion Rate

The tacticians follow the trends of last few years, but this way has lesser chances of success than strategies.

The strategic process requires building hypothesis and setting fixed business goals to achieve and following that track.

If your website is a new one, you may not get as many leads as we wish for, initially your contact persons are your visitors but do not get disheartened, because very soon the reverse will happen, your leads will develop your contacts.

Changes in Website Design as the First Conversion Strategy

How To Multiply Your Lead Conversion Rate: Strategy or Tactics?

  • Keep Updated: You should always keep your webpage updated and well-informed. It may happen that a visitor, who has nothing to buy from you today, comes back tomorrow or the day after for finding something new.

If he sees the same information, he might be disappointed and lose interest in your website. But your mission is to attract as many visitors as possible and you never know when today’s visitor will become tomorrow’s consumer.

  • Design: Add information using graphic design, whitepapers, eBooks, videos, images, webinars, infographics or podcasts.
  • Contact Page: The “Contact Us” page is in almost all websites. You can include interesting business offers like No Risk Offers, Low Risk Offers and Direct Business Offers etc and put them in different columns. It’s the offers that attract clients.
  • Call-to-action: Try to keep visually appealing instant Call-to-action buttons with which interested visitors can connect you with just one click. Remove all distracting navigation and keep your focus on converting leads.
  • Landing Page: The landing page should be fabulously designed with downloading picture and brief descriptions of offers. People tend to scroll down the webpage quickly, that’s why keeping the offers and CTA buttons up the fold.
  • Visitor’s Perspective: The most important acting as a governing principle behind all successful websites is the ability to present things from the visitor’s perspective, not from your own. They would like to know how you are going to help them, not about your history and progress. As simply and as effectively you can convince the visitors of your ability, as successful your website will be.

Why Strategy Wins Over Tactics?

Strategies are fundamental while tactics are superficial. It’s always good to build a hypothesis first and follow the model for success rather than going by the previous practices. By strategy you can turn the weakest part of your website into a positive strength. Besides, tactics are reapplying old models and ideas, deadened through over use, most of the time with no fruitful results but every time a strategy is employed a new idea is born in the end.

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