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Bing Listens: Share Your Feature Suggestions with Bing!

There is no question that success awaits the companies that listen to their audience. This is the reason why Bing has decided to create a website that acts like a virtual suggestion box, but it also encourages people to use it by giving rewards.

Bing Listens: New Site Serves As A Suggestion Box For Bing Users

This is basically going to work as a place for people to contribute their ideas on how Bing can be upgraded into a much better system. This is not a system that is aimed at webmaster, but instead at regular people who have nothing to do with internet marketing, but want to be able to use Bing for all kinds of features.

The idea just launched and it might be a little early to tell just how much of a success it will be, but chances are that it will get a fair share of visitors who are going to be happy to voice their opinions on the subject. Hopefully other companies will also start implementing this kind of system in order to get a better idea of what their clients want.

Now Bing is on the spotlight because their idea seems like an excellent way to listen to their audience, but if they don’t implement any suggestions from users, it will all seem like nothing but a big PR stunt. Hopefully that will not be the case and the most useful methods will be implemented into the system to make the whole idea worth the time of the consumers.

Bing has been considered by many to be the engine that could have the replacement for Google in the next decade, but this claims seem to be a little off and they don’t provide any accurate signs that this could be happening anytime soon. The use of this virtual suggestion system could be a step in the right direction.

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