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How to Hire an SEO Company or SEO Consultant

Few days back I was talking to my friend who is into business from last few years, He raised an interesting question that what is the percentage of real SEO firms in Online?  I’m really not wondered about this question, because there is a point in his question and he is so clear about what it means. Yes, there is 90% of SEO companies and SEO experts are SCAMS who promises so called SEO services in online.

How to Hire an SEO Company or SEO Consultant

Then, I was started educate my friend and given some tips to hire a good SEO firm.

This is a BIG question when you want to hire an SEO firm or SEO consultant. Yes, how to hire a real SEO company or SEO expert? What are the things you need to look into? What are the major things you need to avoid?

Let’s start with basic points you need to focus…

What You Need?

At first,  Think and finalise your needs properly or you need to put your needs on the paper.

Why you need to hire an SEO company?

what you are expecting from them?

What are the services you really need for your business?

You want to go for the Reputation Management? Or you want them to improve your keyword rankings? Or You want them to generate more leads for your business?

Avoid Scams and Frauds

Do you have any experience with so called SEO companies and SEO consultants who promises thousands of links, we guarantee 1st position within a week or month? These guys are the Frauds and don’t believe these kind of promises.

There is no magic or miracle to give you first position within a week or month. And there is no importance for having thousands of backlins, those days are gone. Never believe the people who promises results blindly without knowing about your business.

Listen, Observe and Think

Never hire a person or an SEO agency without having face to face meeting. Call them to your office and let them present their services and strategies for you. Listen carefully and observe them what they’re really talking about.

In any case, if it’s not possible to face to face meeting then research about the reviews online. And try to contact them through video chat and discuss the services you need.

An SEO Firm should understand your business and they should talk about the services you really need for your business. Careful with the SEO companies who always talks about only their services. You can believe people who are talking about your ROI and the action they want to take to improve your leads.

Reputation and References

After having a clear idea on their services and their strategies for you, you need to check their reputation and references from their clients. Do not give importance for the size of company, Bigger not always good and smaller not always bad.

It’s must to know the person who are working on your website. Check his knowledge, track record, his experience.

Believe in Strategy instead of Tactics

The most and very important thing is, It is better you have some knowledge about SEO before you are going to hire an SEO firm or an SEO expert for your business.

In ancient days, SEO depends on tactics like Keyword stuffing, number of back links, meta tags, etc…

But now, the days have been changed and the technology too. Search engines are acting too smart and they have really impressive algorithms to show the most relevant information to the visitors. You can’t cheat them with your cheap tactics.

Ask their strategy for your business which will work better for you. Do not listen to anybody who talks about only tactics they want to perform without telling their strategy.

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