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Best Email Marketing Practices to Generate More Revenue

There is no question that online marketing in general has allowed a large number of people to become quite wealthy, but it’s not easy to get to the point of being able to make tons of money from marketing. There are constant changes in the way that internet marketing needs to be done in order to see conversions and email marketing is one of the most important methods that are used for success online.

Email Marketing Stats 2015

In this article I’m going to talk about the best email marketing practices to generate more revenue from email marketing.

There are certain elements of internet marketing that are changes drastically. The following stats should give you a good idea of how this is happening:

  • At least 35 to 40% of marketers are pang to ditch traditional advertising to start using the internet exclusively.
  • Up to 42% of marketers are going to be increasing their expenses on automation for their email campaigns.
  • Over 83% of marketers will be increasing their online marketing budget in 2015.
  • Around 75% of marketers are quick to agree that email marketing is the most important part of their marketing strategy.

Make Sure You Invest in Analytics

You really need to learn to be in total control of what you are doing when you use email marketing. This means being able to know exactly what is happening to the emails you are sending out there. Who is opening them and who is actually replying to those emails or converting into a paying customer? If you don’t have a proper way of analyzing that data, you are never going to be able to succeed with email marketing at all.

Cross-channel Integration is Essential

A lot of platform offer proper email marketing campaigns but they fail to provide proper integration. Being able to get integration of your email marketing and your marketing automation in general with a CRM system, will increase your chances of success.

Keep the Mobile Market in Mind at All Times

The Best Email Marketing Practices 1You really need to make sure that you have a responsive email template when you send your blasts out there. You really don’t want to miss out on a lot of new potential clients because you failed to see the importance of updating your templates.


The facts are that mobile marketing is the way to go and you need to be able to create proper mobile content if you want more conversions. Recent surveys show that up to 73% of US adults will send and receive their personal emails through a Smartphone. The surveys suggest that responsive design will allow you to get an increase of 130% in your email clicks. Those are definitely numbers that you don’t want tobe ignoring.

Personalize Your Emails As Much As Possible

Email marketing is not effective by simply sending everyone the same exact message. You need to pay attention to how you got a certain lead and what kind of information this person is going to find to be the most appealing to them. You should also tweak the kind of templates and subject lines depending on your research findings.


It’s very likely that all of these marketing tactics will be changing by the end of the year, but that is the name of the game and you have to implement what works now if you want success. The important thing is to keep yourself heavily updated on what is working well today and what will be working well tomorrow. This is the best way to maintain control of your email marketing and general internet marketing efforts.


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