Sudheer Kiran

Sudheer Kiran

Digital Marketing Consultant

Digital Marketing Trends, Predictions and Tips for 2015

Total game plan is going to change in 2015 as we could see the major changes in Digital marketing from last few months Search Engines are keep updating their algorithms to provide real time results Social Media is changing its role in overall marketing strategy Priorities have been changed in marketing Paid advertising is playing… Continue reading

The 6 Best SEO Strategies for 2014

We entered into New Year – 2014 with full of excitement and with full of Hope. The old has gone, The new has come. We have seen many changes in Google algorithm in 2013 with mixed results of good and bad for your online businesses. And now The New Year – 2014, What is your… Continue reading

How to Hire an SEO Company or SEO Consultant

Few days back I was talking to my friend who is into business from last few years, He raised an interesting question that what is the percentage of real SEO firms in Online?  I’m really not wondered about this question, because there is a point in his question and he is so clear about what… Continue reading

Brand Building Strategy – How Brands Build Trust?

A business brand without customer trust or without good reputation can’t make any difference in their business growth. You need to market your products and services in the way you’ll be getting a good reputation from your promotions. Most of the marketers are only concentrating on their promotional tactics to expand their reach to more… Continue reading