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Brand Building Strategy – How Brands Build Trust?

A business brand without customer trust or without good reputation can’t make any difference in their business growth. You need to market your products and services in the way you’ll be getting a good reputation from your promotions. Most of the marketers are only concentrating on their promotional tactics to expand their reach to more people. But they don’t know the fact that only promotional tactics can’t give you the results.

So, what gives you the results? What generates you leads? What helps in closing deals?

Nothing BIG ANSWER, Its just Brand Value

Brand BuildingBrand building is not just exposing your brand; it is the process of increasing the consumer awareness of a brand with giving value and identity among the competitors.If you want to define it in a single sentence, Branding is what consumer knows, feels, and experiences about your business.

How Brands Build Trust?

Brand Building Strategy - How Brands Build Trust?

Consumer attachment to brands based on eight emotions: understanding, approachability, relevance, admiration, curiosity, identification, empowerment and pride.

Let’s discuss about some major channels to build trust for your brand

1.     Word of Mouth:

Great brands build trust with word of mouth. Your brand won’t get positive feedback from customer, unless you satisfied your customer with your service &giving value to his money. Word of mouth is very powerful to get the good reputation as well as bad reputation.

Word of mouth will reach very fast and people trust and give high priority to word of mouth. Everybody will check with their friends, family member or neighbors before going to buy any product.

If your service or product has really great value to the customer, then this channel works well. Sometimes spreading rumors also works too..!

2.     Online Reviews:

Internet is playing very critical role in purchasing products and services. People are looking for the reviews about the particular services and products from a brand. And even the customers are showing interest to share their experience in online by giving ratings.

Happy customers are the reason for getting more brand value and unhappy customers will affect your reputation by coughing their dissatisfaction and angry by giving less ratings.

Say thanks to happy customers and provide some freebies and welcome them to visit again. Handle carefully your unhappy customers and maintain transparency while you respond to the customer reviews.

3.     Social Media

Social Media is a place where people interact and share their interest and knowledge. No doubt, Social Media is a great channel to exposing your brand and it’s a great place to interact with your customers.

People are smart enough to select a best brand by observing your behavior and the way you behave in social media. So, act properly and handle every customer as your valued customer to get a good reputation by leaving good impression on your customer service.

4.     Testimonials

Testimonials play a vital role in building trust for your brand. Testimonials are the feedbacks received from your customers.

Having great feedback about your products and services on your site will give you more value to your brand and it leads visitors to buy your products.

Not all testimonials are having the same value, try to get a testimonial from a reputated customer or reputated business.

5.     Your Content

Your content is the first reason to make people to buy your products or services from your website. The way you have presented your content on website is really matters to make feel to buy your products.

You need show the advantages of your products or services among your competitors. The first and best impression will come from the best content which leads to customer trust on your brand.

6.     Celebrity Advertising

This is a latest trend to hire celebrities to advertise your brand. Celebrities are having the value in our society and their word too. We know the fact that there are people who are mad about their celebrities and who will be ready to fight for them. This craziness causes a great advantage to businesses who are advertising their brand through that celebrity.

Celebrity Advertising is very helpful for new brands those are just getting into business.

Finally, You cannot stick to few tactics to build trust of your brand. You need to have a proper plan and strategy which works better to you. And always have plan `B’

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