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Sudheer Kiran

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Google Analytics Trash Can: Recover Deleted Analytics

Every marketing expert needs historical data and future predictions to build a good marketing strategy. Sometimes we do mistakes by deleting data accidentally and suffer a lot if we can’t recover that data.

Google Analytics is a very important tool to collect, analyze, and report on data in order to make good business decisions. Until recently if you delete any data accidentally there is no undo in Google Analytics. You lost the very important data forever.

After getting a lot of feedback from Google Analytics users, Google Analytics added a new feature in Administration section to recover any deleted views, properties or accounts. Trash Can saves information each time users delete a view, property, or account from Google Analytics.

How to access the Trash Can in Google Analytics:

  • Navigate to the Administration from dashboard.
  • Select an account from where you accidentally deleted report.
  • Click the ‘Trash Can’ icon on the left-hand panel
  • Select what you want to recover and hit ‘Restore’ to return the document to its previous state.

Trash Can in Google Analytics

Using this feature you can restore lost Google Analytics up to 35-days after it has been deleted. So, this feature is limited up to 35 days and you can’t recover any data within Google Analytics after 35 days.


  1. Stella

    I have tried this option in Google Analytics. It is really very helpful, Thumbs up to one and only Google 😀


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