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Bing Ads rolls out Expanded Text Ads globally

Bing Ads had invited all advertisers to pilot Expanded Text Ads back in August. Based on the feedback and interest from advertisers, Bing Ads rolled out expanded text ads to all markets on Tuesday (25th October, 2016).

According to Bing, “Starting today, all advertisers worldwide will be able to begin creating more compelling ads using this ad new format through the Bing Ads Web interface, Bing Ads Editor, as well as Bing Ads API.” (Source)

Advertisers can create new expanded text ads in Bing Ads or import them from Google AdWords.

Third-Party Marketing Platforms:

Bing also announced that these new expanded text ads can be integrated with your existing third-party search engine marketing tools Marin Software, Kenshoo, Adobe Media Optimizer, intelliAd, and Rakuten Marketing, and working with their remaining partners to add compatibility soon.

What are Expanded Text Ads?

Expanded text ads are similar to the standard text ads that you’re used to, but with a few key differences. Expanded text ads have two headline fields instead of one. The extra headline field allows you to include additional text in your ads. (Source)

Expanded Text Ads

Create Expanded Text Ads


Bing Ads have recommended to run new ETAs alongside your existing standard text ads during initial test phases, taking advantage of ad extension setups,  and testing multiple calls to action and other variations of ETAs just as you do with standard ads.

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