Sudheer Kiran

Sudheer Kiran

Digital Marketing Consultant

Online Customer Reviews: The Soul to your Local Business Success

As a Local business owner, your notoriety is everything. Online reviews can annihilate your believability and brand. However, they can likewise help you develop your business as well. As per the recent report, 84% of all consumers read online reviews, and 72% of all consumers trust online reviews 69% of all consumers will search the internet for online reviews… Continue reading

Google Added New Image Search Filter Buttons on Mobile

Have you noticed that Google Mobile Image Search showing large filter buttons for your image search requests? Google Image Search has confirmed officially that new image search filter buttons was added earlier this summer on mobile devices. Here are screen shots of how it works: Image credits:

Google Replaced Red-Colored Navigation Links by Blue Links

Google began testing blue-colored navigation links in June, 2015. After more than 2 months of testing, Google officially rolled out new blue-colored navigation links. This new update officially rolled out in all countries. Check out the below image to understand it clearly. Go to and type your query. You could see “Web” in the… Continue reading

How to Optimize User Demand using Search Psychology

Since the internet industry has grown tremendously in the past years, you have to create content that is focused on customers instead of the search engines in order to appeal to the modern-day audiences. It is important to do this because customers now discover that they should expect valuable and relevant content. If you want… Continue reading